Works in Emirhan Eren’s “Abstract Structures” project refers to architectural structures that bear traces from particular historical periods. Having been created by artists and architects of the given periods, in the professional context, they also appear as reflections of an ideology as well. The structures reflect a formal relationship that is extraneous to their sociological context and to the worlds of meaning to which they relate.

The artist’s direct relationship with the visual in his works emphasises his construction of a totality of similar forms through the equivalence of works from various processes. Therefore, as the ideology in the architectural works dissipates, there manifests new meanings in another time frame and location. Having shed the ideology, the pure object signifies phenomena, such as reintroduction or reproduction of a concept and/or a representation in/into the culture. Due to its counterpart in the artist’s work the visibility of the existing ideology nourishes the argument in an aesthetic context. This aesthetic similarity between two forms occasionally draws near, while at other times, it dissipates and recedes. This state allows the reconstruction of the meaning through form. Through similarity, Emirhan Eren reads the historical evolution of form and ideology.
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